Stephen Jones contest for acclaimed Hats exhibit

I realize that this is awfully late notice for the contest at hand, though not to publicize the exhibition itself. As Hats: An Anthology, a collaboration between London's V&A and Stephen Jones, who is touted as "one of the fashion world’s most prolific milliners," makes its way to New York City and the Bard Graduate Center, Jones invites design submissions for a hat that will be displayed in the exhibition hosted by the BGC. Participants must actually produce their hat and send in a photograph of the completed creation, and the opportunity is an extraordinary one; over 350,000 visitors perused the show when mounted in London and Brisbane, and the design will be featured on, his facebook page, and Britain's But beyond mere publicity, the winner earns a two week internship with Stephen Jones in London, as well as some other goodies. As I said, the deadline is soon: August 11. So get to work.

For those of us wishing "just" to reap the delectable benefits of gorgeous millinery and others' creative efforts, the exhibition opens at the BGC Gallery on September 15, 2011 and remains on view until April 12, 2012. (It's a good thing we can enjoy it for awhile; the hats are all so fabulous I had to use eeny-meeny to decide which image to put below and I still couldn't settle on just one.)

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Left to right: Cristóbal Balenciaga for Eisa, Spiral Hat, Winter 1962; Stephen Jones, Hat with rolled brim, 1982; Twisted straw hat, ca. 1937 (all © V&A Images)

The BGC Gallery, located at 18 West 86th Street between Central Park West and Columbus Avenue, is open Tue. – Sun. 11am – 5pm and Thurs. 11am – 8pm. General admission is $7, $5 for Seniors (65 and older) and students (with valid ID), and free on Thurs. evenings 5pm – 8pm.

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