On the new Barnes

The Barnes Foundation. Well, its relocation and all that jazz is a topic for another post (or ten), but I've stumbled upon a delightful development. I'm not sure when this happened, because I've been lamenting the lack of it for seemingly forever, but the Barnes now has a searchable collection database. Very exciting! And appropriately timed, given that the Merion location is temporarily closed. Finally I can gaze in adoration at the Demuth watercolors I love so well (and of which, naturally, they sell no postcards. Isn't that always the way?). It's too bad the images are on the smallish side, but I'll take what I can get.

I guess I haven't been keeping up to snuff on the progress of the new building and whatnot, which is an oversight on my part considering my deep interest in the institution. Regardless of one's personal feelings concerning the move, the website offers a lot of really interesting information about the Parkway project, including a web cam of the construction site (a still photo updated every 15 minutes) and design renderings/sketches. Much as I value the original Barnes, and much as I was originally opposed to its reestablishment downtown, I have to say I appreciate the new concept's provision of increased resources (conservation facilities, educational spaces, special exhibitions gallery) and its significant sustainability efforts. I can't wait to visit the Barnes' new home and see how the involved parties have grappled with this enormously complex undertaking.

The Barnes Foundation is scheduled to open on the new site in the spring of 2012.

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